Snow cleaning with a minitractor

Everyone decides for himself how to cope with household tasks: you can sweep a mop or use a vacuum cleaner, tear off the grass with your hands or walk along it with a lawnmower, throw snow with a shovel or use the help of technology …

It happens that when you remember about the winter, some people have muscle pains in the back, and the hands are tightening themselves, preparing for another attack on the enemy of all land owners – snow …

But there is always a choice – everyone wishing to save their state of mind and body can clean the snow with a tractor with any of the tools offered. It is for them our instruction to clean the territory of snow from a mini-tractor, so to speak, an educational program for beginners.


At last! All owners of Uralets miniaturizers received a long-awaited gift – the ability to clean snow away from the road with the help of their tractor and our novelty – a rotor snowplow.

This gun is lightweight, which makes it possible to use it even with our smallest tractor, the Urals 160. At the same time, there are no inconveniences, like the 180 degree rotation of the case, no aches in the neck and the slowest possible speed at work, because driving with cleaning it will be necessary to go forward.


The most common equipment for snow removal is the front hydrophobic shovel. The Uralets 160 and Uralets 180 compact tractors are fitted with a blade 1.5 m wide. To raise and lower the blade, a connection to the hydraulic system of the tractor via the RVD is used. Adjustment of the oil supply in the hydraulic system of the tractor to ensure normal operation of the shovel can be viewed on our forum. Despite the fact that the power of these tractors is small, it is enough to cope with the freshly fallen soft snow.

For mini-tractors of the Jinma series, a 1.75-m wide, front-mounted dump truck has been developed, and has recently been put into production. These dumps have an intensified mirror that is as close as possible to the front of the tractor, which allows to maintain a good working speed without slipping the wheels. In this case, the dump mirror can be raised to a height of almost 40 cm or lowered by 15 cm relative to the support level. Lifting and lowering of the blade is carried out by the own hydraulic cylinder from the hydraulic system of the minitractor. The blade can be rotated 30 degrees relative to the tractor axis in either direction. On the lower part of the blade there is a rubber plate for copying the relief.

Another big plus is that the bundle of the front blade includes the battery mounting bracket, which additionally performs the function of protecting the battery from external influences and raking snow when moving.


Rear mounted bulldozer blade due to the simplicity and reliability of the design is almost impossible to disable. All is well – and the width of the grip is satisfactory, and the tractor feels well enough in working with such a blade. The only drawback is that you’ll have to clean the tractor’s back, and since the seat does not turn, you’ll have to sit in a semi-unfolded position all the time. The width of the gripper is selected depending on the tractor’s power.


– the most convenient and productive tool of the proposed. Convenience: the most simple to use and maintain. Do you want to clean snow without looking back, and when driving only forward? You have such an opportunity. Need to move the snow shaft to the fence or wall? Just open the shovel and you can move the snow, moving backwards! Moreover, by turning the blade mirror backward forward (then the ripper’s canines are directed forward along the tractor’s path), you can easily break up the hard ice and ice crust. The design of the blade is very simple and does not require any effort in mastering.

On less powerful models of mini tractors for snow removal, we recommend using a blade without a canine with a 1.2 m (4GB) grip, and more powerful rear- and four-wheel-drive tractors easily pull the shovel width of 1.5 m (5GBR).



Rear- or front-mounted augers – will help not only in harvesting, but also the removal of snow, because you can send the ejected snow into the body of the transport vehicle. The power required for the tractor to use the auger is more than 20 hp, in addition, the rotational speed of the power take-off shaft of the minitractor should be at least 720 rpm. The forward auger, which is equipped with its own hydraulic pump, can be hung on the minitractor is not weaker than 25 hp. on the fastening system KUN. But even with this a rather large mass of the gun leads to the necessity of hitching the rear loads onto the tractor. Accordingly, the snow should be cleaned when the tractor moves backwards with the rear auger, and forward – forward curved.


If there is no desire to buy a screw-rotor, but there is an idle Front Loader mounted, you can clean the snow by simply picking up snow in the loader bucket and transporting it to the right place. The disadvantage is the impossibility of copying the terrain, low productivity and speed of work. The rear body is more of a transportation equipment than for snow cleaning. For body cleaning, it is necessary to remove the removable tailgate and back into the pile of snow, lift the body of the tractor hitch, carry the snow (or load) and, removing the upper finger fixing the hinge, lift the body with the links of the hitch. At the same time, the body is tipped over and released from the transported material. At the moment, owners of minitractors with an additional hydraulic distributor (Jinma) can afford an additional option – the installation of telescopic traction on the body. The tilting and lifting of the body then take place due to this thrust and there is no need to remove the fixing bolt on its own. With this option in other tools for cleaning snow, there is no need.

We hope that our detailed review of the snow melting technique on the basis of the mini tractor will help you to buy a truly convenient tool for you, and work with it will be a pleasure!