Than a minitractor is better than a tractor

Than a minitractor is better than a tractor

You have from 10 hectare to 10 hectares of land, or you need a tractor for public works (cleaning of territories), snow cleaning, or for transport on Russian roads in winter and summer. The tractor is also needed in the construction or in the case of firewood. What is a mini tractor better than a large tractor?


  1. PriceMinitractor is smaller, and therefore much cheaper than a tractor. The cost of the tractor is measured in millions of rubles. Prices for compact tractors start from one hundred and forty thousand rubles.
  2. Fuel consumptionThe minitor consumes less fuel than the tractor. Compare with the popular MTZ-82 tractor. It’s about the specific consumption per 1 kW, and not about consumption per hour. Those. The fuel consumption depends on the load on the engine. And the load can be different: you can load the diesel engine at 100% capacity, or you can not load at all – only idle. At idle, the tractor will use about 25% of the power, while driving 50-60%, under load – 80% .Te . If the tractor MTZ-82, having the capacity of 82hp = 60kW, operates at idle, it consumes 60 * 25% * 0.22 = 3.3 liters / hour. Moving along the route: 6.6-7.8 liter / hour. While working: 9.6l / hTractor Uralets 16kW: Idle Run 16 * 25% * 0.26 = 1l / h Movement – 2l / hr
    Work – 3.2 liters per hour.

    Proceeding from the fact that the movement of the tractor and many works (mowing grass, pumping liquids, sweeping, etc.) do not require 80hp, or an increase in power does not lead to a commensurate increase in productivity (for example, mowers at MTZ 2.1m, but at Uralets 1.8m, Brushes at MTZ 1.6m, Uralets 1.4m), and we get that carrying out the same work, the consumption of solar oil from the Uralets tractor is much lower.

    For comparison, you can consider a car with a capacity of 200 hp. and a gasoline consumption of 10 liters / 100 km and a car with a capacity of 80 liters. and a flow rate of 6.4 l / 100 km. When recalculated to 1l.s. we get that a powerful car consumes 0.05 l / hp * 100 km, and less powerful 0.08 l / hp * 100 km. But to argue that the sporty Mercedes is more economical than a Russian small car, no one will. Because performance of work in the form of moving to 100km on a small car is more profitable. Also the tractor Uralets in comparison with MTZ

    With our study of the cost of operating tractors can be found here.

  3. Dimensions A large tractor requires a large area, inconvenient for transportation, clumsy on 1 hectare, does not pass into the small gates of the hayloft.

In this case, a minitractor with a capacity of 24 hp. (for example, minitractor Jinma 244) successfully copes with all standard tractor work:

  • In the field: plow, boronite, bore, clean and plant potatoes, mow, sow, etc.
  • In the city: public works – sweeping, mowing lawns, washes-watering
  • At the construction site: it digs with a bucket, drills holes with a Yamobor, loads with a loader, the concrete stops …
  • In winter: removes snow with a scraper, a blade, a brush, a front loader
  • Transport: speed up to 30 km/h, you can choose a trailer suitable for your type of work: dumper or side