Small, yes udalenkie

Reader, do you want, I’ll guess what your tractor is? Most likely, this MTZ-80 is twenty, or even thirty years ago. Or YuMZ-5. Or T-40.

Oh, yeah … These tractors remember a lot: their former owners, collective farms and state farms of our immense homeland, raised them to virgin land, exchanged engine hours for ton-kilometers, fire, water and copper pipes passed. Evil tongues claim that our tractors, except for agricultural work, were intended for march-shots against the imperialists, in order to frighten those – whether by our kind of machinery, or by tractor drivers; however, these rumors are not confirmed by anything. These stern hard workers made of real men who were punctual graduates of agricultural technical colleges, able to lay down the TO-1 and TO-2, subtract the cost of new spare parts from the result, and turn the remainder into one liter, and break them all off with a scrap, a sledgehammer and some mother , Yes Yes. These dinosaurs survived the kozokost Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. On their hoods, party instructors read to the collective farmers “Lesser Land” dear Leonid Ilyich; in their cabins, in the end, the uninhibited victims of Gorbachev’s “dry law” writhed in agony. Yes, these veterans should be placed on pedestals, and guided to them excursions, and not exploit!

Reader! It’s not your fault that you linked your destiny with tractors that had seen the dawn, the stagnation and decline of the USSR; simply, a state that denies private property, with its gigantomania, did not need economical, comfortable, easy-to-operate and inexpensive mini-tractors. Remember how much it cost a liter of diesel then, and how much it costs now, and you’ll understand everything without words (if your hair is not on end, you can not read all this nonsense, you are our disrespectful oligarch, the son-in-law of the king or the son of an official ).

LLC “Tractor” specializes in the production of small tractors, but large functionality: 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 30, 35, 40-strong, they can almost everything that their big brothers: plow, mow , plant, process, clean. At the same time, they consume fuel few times, turn around and pass where universal-tractors are stuck.

Our mini-tractors will attract anyone who knows how to count money, knows what he wants in this life. He knows that he will never plow his tractor for the glory of the collective farm “40 years without harvest”; wants to provide his cow with hay, bring firewood, take out manure in the garden, plow the garden, plant potatoes, remove it – that’s basically all that he needs. And gigantomania … yes well it – to edrynefane!

The most popular and in demand are Uralets compact tractors 180 (18 hp), Uralets 160 (16 hp), Jinma 240 (24 hp) and Jinma 244 (24 hp, full drive unit). They are: plows, cultivators, potato diggers and planters, segment and rotary mounted mowers, rakes, balers, rotor snow throwers, tipper trailers, KUNs, front and rear shovels, etc. If you are going to operate tractors year-round, we advise you to take a closer look at the tractors with the cab: they, though more expensive, will pay for themselves twice as fast.

Dear reader! If you think soberly, think: what is better is a large, but old tractor that was exploited by unknown people, it is not known where and how, or a new mini-tractor, warranted? Minitractor, which consumes fuel 3 times less than a large tractor; minitractor, which takes up so little space that it can be driven into the corner of the garage? What is cheaper: tires for big wheels, or for small ones? If you decide that you need a mini tractor, with a mini-expense for its operation, maintenance and repair, call our representatives. Cooperate with relatives, friends, fellow villagers – so you will reduce travel expenses.

Remember: when ordering a tractor from our representatives in the immediate vicinity of your place of residence, and not somewhere in Uryupinsk (although I got excited about Uryupinsk – there is also our representative office there), you will protect yourself in the future from many problems of warranty repair and ordering spare parts.

LLC “Tractor” accepts orders for the supply of the above mini-tractors, as well as carries out warranty and post-warranty repair, delivery of spare parts and attachments. We work on cash and cashless settlement.

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  1. Андрей

    Нужен трактор 30-40 л/с с гидравликой 40 л/мин, у вас востребованное направление, но чуток помощней бы и гидравлику шоб выполнять весь спектр работ и еще продумайте гидроруку типа СНТ или Диапазона.Надеюсь учтете пожелание!!!!

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